Formed 11th April 1963
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The Club will be known as Chelmsford 41 Club


The Club will comprise ex-members of Round Table and partners of any past or present member of Tangent and Ladies Circle. Members will be elected into the Club by invitation only.

The Chairman of Chelmsford 132 Round Table will be invited to be an Honorary Member of the Club

Honorary members will not be elected to any office or have a vote.


The Club will endeavour to;
(i)   continue to promote opportunities for fellowship amongst former members of       Round Table and associated members.
(ii)  encourage active involvement in the community
(iii)  use our experience in support of the Round Table Family
(iv)  encourage international relationships


The officers will be the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Community Services, Social Secretary and International Officer and will be appointed at the Annual General Meeting.

Two members will be appointed to undertake an independent examination of the Club’s accounts and provide a report at the Annual General Meeting or within two months of the end of its financial year

The day to day management of the Club will be vested in the Executive Committee comprising of the Officers, two Committee Members and the Immediate Past Chairman.

The Executive Committee may choose to appoint a Dinner Secretary, Speaker Secretary, Master at Arms and Liaison Officers to the Chelmsford Round Table Family and any other officer(s) deemed appropriate.


The Annual General Meeting of the Club will be held not later than the 29th April. All other meetings will be held at such places, on such dates and times as may be fixed by the Club.

The Chairman will maintain a positive and active relationship with the Tangent and Ladies Circle Clubs relating to events and social activities.


Business will be agreed by the Chairman and at his discretion

The order of business at every meeting of the Club will be to;
1)  choose a member to preside if the Chairman and Vice-Chairman are absent
2)   approve as a correct record and sign the Minutes of the last meeting
3)   deal with any business expressly required by a member
4)   Chairman’s announcements
5)   receive and consider any reports and recommendations of any Committee
6)   consider motions where 14 days notice has been received
7)   receive and answer questions


In the event of more than two nominations being submitted for the election of Chairman the vote will be by secret ballot

Members elected at the Annual General Meeting will serve for one year but will not hold an office for more than two consecutive years save that the Executive Committee may upon a motion put and voted upon by secret ballot invite any member who has held the same office for two years to offer himself for re-election to that office for not more than one further year.

If a member elected at the Annual General Meeting ceases to hold office for whatever reason the Executive Committee will have the power to appoint a successor until the next Annual General Meeting

Every Committee will at its first meeting before proceeding to any business elect a Chairman.

Business of the Club will not take place unless at least one quarter of the membership is present


The Club funds will be under the control of the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee will appoint not more than two signatories for the Club bank accounts and or similar documentation.

The Club funds will be allocated to separate accounts such as Members fund, Charity fund, International fund and any other account in order to differentiate between subscriptions, charitable collections and donations.

The Club may from time to time agree to support a charity from its charitable funds  Any donation to a charity will require a majority by members voting at the meeting.

Where members wish to enter into financial arrangements not included in any agreed  motion or budget,  approval must be sought from the Treasurer prior to any commitment being made on behalf of the Club

Any member who has resigned will have no rights or interest in the property or funds of the Club


Each member will be required to pay a subscription amount which will be agreed at the Annual General Meeting.

Any subscriptions paid after the 30th June will be subject to a surcharge of £1 per month.

Any member who is below the age of 45 who is a member of Round Table will not be required to pay a subscription.

Where a subscription is overdue by the September meeting, membership will be withdrawn and the member notified within 14 days of the action taken by the Club


The Officers will hold a meeting at least three times a year to make plans and discuss business affecting the Club. Each Officer may be asked to give a report on the progress and initiatives under his control.


Any alteration of the Rules will be made at the Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary Meeting convened for that purpose.

Requests for alterations to the Rules must be given to the Secretary at least 28 days prior to the Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting.

Fourteen days notice of such alteration will be given by the Secretary in writing to all members. Such alterations to the Rules will require at least two thirds majority of members voting at the meeting.


If at a meeting any Club member misconducts himself by disregarding the ruling of the Chairman or by behaving irregularly, improperly, or offensively, or by wilfully obstructing the business of the Club or whose conduct may be likely to bring the Club into disrepute the Chairman or any other member may request the meeting is adjourned for such a period as the Chairman considers necessary to resolve the matter. Following such a motion the Executive Committee may by a majority vote suspend, terminate or refuse membership for the same reason.


The Executive Committee will have the power to deal with any matter not provided for in these Rules subject to any such interpretation and decision being confirmed at the next succeeding Extraordinary or Annual General Meeting.


Revision approved on September 2018
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