Formed 11th April 1963
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Chairman: Doug Pinkney

Vice Chairman: Vaancy

Secretary: John Barnes

Treasurer: John Roe

Social Secretary: Vacancy

Community Service: Graham Phillips

Dinner Secretary: Mervyn Bodlely

Table Liaison: Richard Neale

International Officer:

Archivist: TBA

1.Organise and control the Club in accordance with its Rules and in furtherance of the Club’s Objectives;
2.Ensure Committee members are fully aware and in acceptance of their responsibilities;
3.Ensure responsibilities assigned allow for the effective and efficient running of the Club in compliance with the Rules and in seeking to achieve the Objectives;
4.Provide support and advice to other members of the Committee as and when required;
5.Arrange for quarterly Council meetings during the course of the year;
6.Meet regularly with the Chairs of the Chelmsford Tables to further develop co-operation, advice and assistance between the three Clubs;
7.Promote 41 Club to potential new members, particularly Tablers reaching the “critical” age;
8.Ensure 41 Club is attractive to the current members and potential new members;
9.Ensure the Social Programme provides “something for everyone” in seeking to achieve the Club’s Objectives;
10.Ensure close liaison of the Social Secretaries of 41 and Chelmsford Tables in producing and maintaining one programme, listing all events for all three clubs;
11.Liaise with members of the Club to identify suitable speakers for Business meetings through the year;
12.Work with the Vice Chairman in contacting members who are “permanent” absentees from meetings of 41 Club to promote their attendance;
13.Work with the Vice Chairman in maintaining contact with members unable to attend meetings of 41 Club through ill health;
14.Liaise with the Vice Chairman regarding either or both attending meetings of the Chelmsford Tables; and in particular the respective AGM’s;
15.Organise and Chair meetings of 41 Club;
16.Provide members with a Chairman’s report  at each meeting as appropriate; and
17.Promote a “can do” rather then a “can’t do” approach.

1.Take over from the Chairman in the event of a “No. 7 bus event!” (“Doomsday” scenario!!)
2.Chair meetings of 41 Club and/or Council meetings in the absence of the Chairman;
3.Provide support and advice to the Chairman and other members of the Committee to ensure compliance with the Club Rules and in seeking to achieve the Club’s Objectives;
4.Attend Council meetings arranged during the course of the year;
5.Work with the Chairman in contacting members who are “permanent” absentees from meetings of 41 Club to promote their attendance;
6.Work with the Chairman in maintaining contact with members unable to attend meetings of 41 Club through ill health;
7.Liaise with the Chairman regarding either or both attending meetings of the Chelmsford Tables; and in particular the respective AGM’s;
8.Provide members with a Vice Chairman’s report  at each meeting as appropriate;
9.Care and maintenance of the “Honours Board; and
10.Seek out members during the year for his own committee in preparation for taking the Chair;

1.Liaise with Table to review,  update and re-print the Directory;
2.Ensure the 41 Club web site is maintained up to date with appropriate information;
3.To receive and respond to correspondence on behalf of 41 Club;
4.Prepare a draft agenda for agreement with the Chairman ahead of each 41 Club meeting;
5.Keep possession of the bell and ensure it is in place for each meeting;
6.Take the minutes of 41 Club and Council meetings;
7.Circulate the “Draft” Minutes to ALL members by email/post
8.At each meeting, read out the minutes of the previous meeting for agreement by the members; (Points will be awarded for most laughter generated!)
9.Report on all “Correspondence”;
10.Provide a Secretaries Report at each 41 Club meeting when appropriate;
11.Ensure the “Attendance Book” is circulated at each meeting;
12.Liaise with National and Regional 41, ensuring circulation of Newsletters etc;
13.Maintain stocks of badges and jewels as appropriate; and 
14.Liaise with outgoing and incoming Chairman and Secretary in advance of AGM to ensure an appropriate “running order” and purchase of a Jewel for outgoing Chairman.

1.Maintain comprehensive and accurate financial accounts of 41 Club;
2.Submit audited financial accounts at the next AGM
3.Ensure effective control of the 41 Club bank account(s) including up to data bank mandates;
4.Collect all monies due to 41 Club in membership fees and otherwise;
5.Provide a Treasurer’s report at each meeting of 41 Club;
6.Alert the Chairman to any significant matters that require attention.

1.Chair a sub-committee consisting of at least two other  “volunteers” from the members of 41 Club;
2.Prepare a programme of activities in liaison with and agreement by the Chairman, that provides a social framework within 41 Club and amongst the Round Table movement; taking into consideration the relationship with Tangent and Ladies Circle and the objectives set by the Chairman for the year;
3.Liaise with the Social Secretaries of the “feeder” Table(s) to develop, maintain and  circulate to members a single, amalgamated social programme for the year;
4. Ensure the social programme includes:
a.Monthly, Business,  Speaker and “activity” meetings;
i.Arrange “activities” for meetings in liaison with the Chairman;
b.“Change of Furniture” party for 41 and “feeder” Table(s)
c.“Hot Seat” Challenge
i.Responsibility for arranging alternates between 41 and Table
e.“Ladies Night”
f.Burns Night
g.“International” events, in liaison with the International Secretary
h.Joint events to foster the relationship with Table, including at least one major, charity fund raising event
i.Support to Table in respect of events such as “Fireworks”. CAMRA Summer Beer Festival, Xmas Floats and Old Folks Party.
5.Present the Social Programme to the members at the 41 Club AGM;
6.Report at each monthly meeting on past and future events;
7.Liaise with the Secretary to ensure that ALL members receive the social programme by email/post etc;


1.Be the point of contact for all matters relating to meal arrangements at meetings of 41 Club;
2.Liaise with the County Hotel on menus, venue, seating and speaker requirements, such as IT kit; arrange for set up to avoid delay during the meetings.
3.Record “apologies”, “permanent apologies” and members booking in for meals to ensure the appropriate number of meals are ordered for each meeting;
4.Meet and greet speakers and introduce them to the Chairman, Vice Chairman etc as appropriate;
5.Ensure the members are in position for “first bell” at 8pm, i.e.  Get them out of the bar with a suitable announcement; bang the dinner gong!;
6.Ensure the “Top Table” is correctly populated by: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Social Secretary and Dinner Secretary. Where a speaker is attending he/she/it should be placed between the Chairman and Vice Chairman; The Secretary must be seated next to the Chairman;
7.Report to the meeting on number of members attending; Apologies and Visitors and Guests.

1.Foster relationships with other 41 Clubs internationally (and nationally);
2.Arrange events with an international theme and liaise with the Chairman and Social Secretary regarding appropriate dates for such events;
3.Liaise with the immediate past International Secretary to ensure continuity from one year to the next; and
4.Present a report to the members at 41 Club meetings as appropriate.

1.Be the main links between 41 Club and Chelmsford Round Tables;
2.As far as is reasonably possible, attend the meetings of the  appropriate Table;
3.If unable to attend a meeting of the appropriate Table, liaise with the 41 Club Chairman and Vice Chairman to try to ensure a 41 Club presence;
4.Where appropriate provide advice and guidance at Table meetings;
5.Provide a report to 41 Club on Table activities and meetings and vice versa;
5.Promote the assistance available to the Tables from 41 Club;
6.Take every opportunity to promote 41 Club to Tablers, particularly to those who have reached or have passed the “critical” age.

1.Use every opportunity to promote 41 Club to potential new members;
2.Promote a “can do” approach within the Club;
3.Review the activities and constitution of 41 Club and recommend changes where appropriate;
4.Support other Committee members as necessary;
5.Attend Club and Council meetings;
6.Provide support and advice to the Chairman: He is going to need it
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